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Our very satisfied customers want to share their experiences with you:



(1) I went to your stand at the Royal Melbourne Show which was the first time I've ever heard of your products (Sept 2008). 

I am a devoted user of Estee Lauder skincare and have been for probably 10 years. 

The lady at your counter used the exfoliator and moisturiser on the back of my hand and I was very impressed with how it improved the skin's texture and even after walking around the showgrounds for probably an hour or so, you could still actually see the improvement.  So, I went back to the stand and purchased your $90 showbag.

Well, it is just on one week and I am excitedly watching the gradual improvement in the texture and look of my skin after using the exfoliator and moisturiser on my face.  I am astounded it has made as much difference as it has and that I can actually see such an improvement.

Thank you very much - you've certainly won me!  I said at the time, I have never purchased skincare from any form of stand before - you're skin is too precious to risk.  And having taken the chance, I am delighted with what I've ended up with.

I look forward to seeing you at Chadstone SC in November - and discussing the range properly to see if there's anything else I should be using (particular around the eye area, which is noticeably benefiting from the face moisturiser anyway!) and of course topping up my supplies until the next time!

In the meantime, and if you don't mind replying.  Am I supposed to, or able to, use any of the cakes of soap that were included in the showbag, on my face to take makeup off with?  (answer - YES).  At the moment, I'm using my old cleanser and then the exfoliator (when I've got makeup on) following with moisturiser (of course).  I wasn't sure if the exfoliator should be used as a cleanser on its own when you've got makeup on (it can if you massage onto dry skin very gently for a couple of seconds - the longer you gently massage it, the more it exfoliates BUT keep a safe distance away from your eyes).

So 2 questions - is the exfoliator a complete cleanser (YES but keep away from your eyes - just like you would any other exfoliant)?  Can I use the cakes of soap on my face (to either remove makeup or simply in the shower in the morning/s)
Best wishes
Judy from Chadstone 

(2) I have suffered from acne and really big and painful blemishes throughout my whole teenage years. I have always been embarrased to go out of the house without makeup and when I did apply makeup - it just made my pimples worse. I bought a bar of Hepburn Springs Mud soap and within three weeks of constant use my pimples have cleared up completely. Now I wear less makeup (sometimes none) and it has lifted my spirits. I now feel more confident in myself. I highly recommend this product.  Karla Preston, Kingston, Victoria (18 years old).

(3) I must tell you a miracle which happened with my right foot big toe.  For over a year my big toe went black - I checked with the doctor and she advised me to remove it.  I refused.  I then went to the chemist who gave me a chemical nail polish type antifungal agent.  This cleared up the black colour only when I used it.  As it was only to be used for 3 weeks I ceased using it and my nail went black & itchy again.  I then met you at Chadstone and was introduced to “Hepburn Springs Mud Soap“ - the one with the Sandalwood and other oils.  I started showering with this soap daily - and especially rubbed it all over my big black toe.  The miracle then occured - the black colour and itchiness totally disappeared almost straight away - and it hasn't returned - and that is why I cannot shower without your wonderful soap.  thank you from the bottom of my heart!  It has been some three years now and the black has never returned.   Nadege Atchia from Oakleigh, Victoria.

(4) My name is Moran Barak and I have been using the Hepburn Springs soap (mud) for over a year now.  It has made my skin softer and rid my skin of all blemishes.  Recently a friend of mine arrived from Israel - she has really bad dermatitus all over her hands, legs and face.  It's so bad that she has open wounds.  I gave her my last bar of soap and over the first week that she used it, the soap closed up her wounds and has started clearing up her dermatitus.  It's a problem she's dealt with her whole life and has never had such good or quick results.  She intends on taking a huge stock back to Israel with her and has never been happier.  Moran Barak from Melbourne, Victoria.

(5)  I was introduced to Hepburn Springs Naturals on my last visit to
Daylesford in July 2005. After discussion with Viesha she advised I should
use the Mineral and Mud soap with Lavender. As I suffer from Rosacia I am
always looking for product that will help sooth the redness and bacteria on
the surface of my skin. After using the soap recommended I noticed a marked change in the redness of my face and the skin on my face felt much smoother and softer. I would recommend the use of these Mud and Mineral soaps. " 
Nicki Robins (Victoria)

(6) I have used Hepburn Springs Naturals creams and moisturizers and mud soap for a number of years. All the products are excellent quality and my partner loves the way they make me smell. Ron Spence Ph.D. CEO of LAR, Ohio, U.S.

(7) Hepburn Springs MUD Soap takes off the pimples from my skin over a few days! I can't believe how lovely my skin is now - Adrian from Sunbury, Victoria.

(8) Someone told me how Hepburn Springs exfoliating mud soap helps psoriasis and ecsema - I didn't believe them but now I'm convinced. It doesn't stop the rash from coming out but it does ease the symptoms greatly by diminishing the itchiness, etc. Keep up the good work. Warren from Prahran.

(9) My name is Myriam from Melbourne. My sister-inlaw gave me a sample of your mud soap - as I suffer from psoriaris she thought it might help. I have used it for a week now and although I haven't noticed a change in the condition what I like about it is that I am not crazy itching after a shower. She also mentioned to me that you might be coming to Melbourne to some shopping centres. If this is true would it be possible to know where and when you would be attending as I would love to get some more of this soap and also see what other items you have on offer. All would be greatly appreciated thank you.  Myriam from Melbourne

(10) I have been using your goatsmilk soap on my hands due to severe burns where the doctors removed my sunspots.  The burns were severe and looked terrible with exposed raw skin.  Your soap made everything heal within two weeks and I haven't experienced this before with other products.  I had no pain and there is minimal scar tissue although this is going as well.  I love your soap and this is all my wife and I use in the shower, hands, face, etc.  Good on you for bringing out a wonderful Australian range of products. Firefighter Rob from North Dandenong -

(11) Rossana from Sweden says “Today my husband told me that my skin looks radiant.... is that already the magic effect of your mud+moisturiser?“ Rossana from Sweden

(12) Maria from Hepburn Springs is glowing with praise after switching to our Goatsmilk with Rose Geranium essential oil soap to wash her hair - she claims it makes her hair feel thicker and more manageable than any shampoo!  Perhaps it's the protein in the goatsmilk feeding the hair strands??  Thank you Hepburn Springs Naturals. Maria from Hepburn Springs