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Hepburn Springs Bathhouse:


We offer natural organic healing baths - this is a private and exquisite experience as we guide you through our essential oils, flower remedies, natural spring waters, bath mixes, powders, Mud soaps, Mineral Water soaps, etc.   What is your health/beauty aim?  Let us make a healing package for you.   Ph  0439 488 885

1. Basic Organic Anti Ageing Facial Pamper (one hour)
Suitable for problem skin types, dark circles under eyes, age spots, broken capillaries.......we pamper your face with luxurious individual care using both Hepburn Springs Naturals and Daylesford Naturals skin care products.  You receive a deep tissue cleanse, Indian Head and unique pressure point massage to ensure face muscles are tightened and reenergised, gourmet natural mineral, vitamin and herbal mask to suit your skin type ensuring that your layers of skin receive the best that Nature can give, exfoliation using natural ingredients like red hibiscus flowers, sandalwood, cold pressed oils, essential oils, toning and moisturising with our world renowed “Double Strength Marine Collagen Moisturiser“ or our silk moisturisers - $129.00. Half Hour Pamper Facials $95.00

2. Deluxe Organic Facial Pamper Package (one and a half hours)
Same as above but added reiki upper body care and attention.  The energy from the universe in this pack brings a gentle flow of chi (natural energy) to the upper part of the body to ensure a good gentle circulation to the upper torso which in turn acts to enhance your facial appearance.  Choose either a hand or foot pamper. Includes specialised head massage. A gentle calm throughout the body is experienced - $175.00

3. Holistic Organic Facial Pamper Pack (two hours)
Same as above but includes experienced Holistic care and attention (Mind Body and Soul).  We look at the “total you“.  Both hand and feet pamper is included in this pack. Meditation and care is offered in this package which is recommended when stressed or very tired - You cannot look your best when your skin is sallow or tired....we look after you with care and individual need....$235.00

4. Organic Body Massage (one hour)
We massage your body to stimulate toxin elimination and gland cleansing (includes specialised head massage) - to induce deep relaxation of Mind Body & Soul. $129.00

5. Organic Pamper Body Massage (one and a half hours)
As above but includes Reiki universal energy to bring circulation to the entire body and stimulate and encourage natural healing by your own body.  Includes body exfoliation using our natural non acid formulas, hand and foot massage, specialised head massage  - $175.00

6. Organic Deluxe Holistic Body Pamper Pack (two hours)
as above but also includes Holistic care for Mind Body and Soul.  We include meditation, diet advice and a general calming of the mind and body - $255.00

7. Reflexology Healing Treatment
The face, head, hands and feet - let us show you how meridian and nerve ending healing can help you in many different ways.   Prices start at $120.00 (one hour), $159.00 (one and a half hours) and $209.00 (two hour treatment)

8. Shiatsu Massage  (one hour)
We consider this to be a strong “Healing Massage” - excellent for general health and wellbeing.   $129.00

9. Organic Deep Tissue Massage (one hour)
This is the one for aching muscles!  A powerful surge of energy is used to stimulate muscle tissue, ligament healing, etc. : $129.00

10. Organic Relaxation Massage (one hour)
A symphony of gentle meditation and massage to relax Mind Body and Soul : $99.00

11. Organic  Acne treatment facial
Try our natural skincare products to see a visible difference in your complexion.  Let us show you how to reduce and/or take away your acne with real minerals and vitamins.  One hour - $149.00.

12. Holistic/Pranic/Reiki Healing Session (one hour)
Mind Body and Soul healing therapy incorporating various modes of healing by our professional staff  - Pranic, Reiki, Holistic Healing - $79.00

13.  Organic HAND or FEET Exfoliation
$95.00 for a wonderful relaxing exfoliation of those tireless hardworking extensions of your body!   Your hands and feet can never get enough pampering and we believe that our products do it better than anything else  - $95.00.

Every effort will be made to ensure that these session times are strictly adhered to but sometimes (due to the requirements of your Mind Body or Soul) we may need to go overtime - and this we do at no extra cost to you if we believe this extra time will be beneficial to you.  If you do not wish to go over the timespan allotted above please ensure our beauticians and healers are made aware of your needs.   If you are late for your appointment then this time will be taken off your allocated time if required as we must observe strict starting appointment times for all our patrons.  We also reserve the right for all our operators to wear gloves during any treatment.  Thank you

We're looking for professional retailers to buy our licences (or franchises) to sell our products in recognised store outlets.  Contact us today to set up our unique Victorian retail stands at a most affordable cost to you.  Ph 0439 488 885