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Mind/BodySoul Classes

We hold courses in natural healing periodically throughout the year - mostly on Sunday and Monday with one night stay is recommended for balance and regeneration.  A natural Healing session in Mind/Body/Soul is carried out on all students.  Phone us today to book: 0439-488-885

1.  After Separation Class - let's learn to live apart and on our own : Two days ($390)

2.  Marriage or Couple Conflict - let's learn to live in harmony and peace, and get to know each other again : Two days ($390 each)

3.  Conflict with teenage children - learn to understand each other : Two days ($390 each)

4.  I worry about my children a lot - let us show you why this is not a good idea : Half a day ($100)

5.  Sleep disturbance - we'll show you natural ways to bring on good sleeping patterns : Two days ($390)

6.  An Introduction to becoming a Holistic Healer - is this for you?  Two days ($390)

7.  Learn to Relax and Let Go

Light meals only are provided but the Hepburn Springs Bathhouse is surrounded by bistros and restaurants.

Come and join one of our friendly groups today.