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Brief History:

Mineral Rich Products from the Spa Capital of Australia - Hepburn Springs & Daylesford

“Natural MINERALS rebuild skin and body“

Member of Australian Holistic Healers & Counsellors Association and Biological Farmers of Australia.

Hepburn Springs Naturals was born some 12 years or more ago as a natural result of a born believer (the founder of the Company) in herbs and grassers to cure most of man's illnesses (taken almost directly from the bible)!

Many centuries of healing by many different cultures around the world has produced thousands of great pages for us to digest and study - the American Indians, the ancient Greeks and Romans.... and many more.

We have incorporated many of these natural remedies into our products (especially our herb teas) and that's why we're so popular.  Our remedies have many thousands of years of success - and we're just passing them on.

We hope you enjoy our products and keep coming back.

NONE  OF  OUR   PRODUCTS  ARE  EVER  TESTED ON  ANIMALS -  only our willing friends and family members who love the free products.

PS:  even if we did test them on animals, it wouldn't hurt them!